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Our mother was born in a respected royal family of India. This dynasty had everything that one could wish for but had not seen the face of a daughter for the last seven generations. In the desperation for a female child, the mother of our guru-ma had given birth to twelve sons. Alas! her father with a sunken heart had began to accept perhaps the destined, to be deprived of this jewel called daughter. But her mother Kamal Nayani Devi’s faith was unshaken. She knew the blessing of the sages and saints she had served during her life can never go wrong and this joyous day would definitely come. With the passage of time Kamal Nayani Devi’s first son got married, grandson were also born. This made Kamal Nayani Devi get even closer to the dynastic Guru and she surrendered herself praying for a daughter at least to her daughter-in-law. To fulfill the obsession for a daughter both Kamal Nayani Devi and her husband during their course of life had done innumerable yagnas. Given alms and donated to the beggar & needy open handedly. Served the sages relentlessly. All this continued even after the birth of the grandson, however now it was for their daughter-in-law. She was fifty-five years old and her husband sixty-five and this is no age to desire children. But such was the disposition of the precept that our revered Guru-ma had to decent on this earth. The Supreme gave her this exquisite gift and Kamal Nayani Devi conceived at the infertile age of fifty-five with the blessings of Gurus. But this message only invited sarcasm and taunting on her this baseless faith of having conceived at this age . Strange are the ways of the supreme the normal nine months period of pregnancy over shot to thirteen months.



The day was 11th May, 1954 evening 6:05 p.m. Kamal Nayani Devi was crossing the courtyards of the house from one end to the other. In the middle of the courtyard without any labour pain she gave birth to a bundle of flesh that resembled a human stomach . Even in her strangest dream she could not have imagined that there will be something living in the bundle. Staring at the bundle she could not hold back tears and in this deep state of sorrow she lost her consciousness . In the meantime a small crowd had gathered each one expressing his or her own view on what it could be. Then suddenly grandmother of Guru-ma appeared. After being briefed and having looked at the bundle she said, “So what , it is only a ball of flesh, and after all it has come from a human being . The night is falling and we need to bury this , other wise the foxes would eat it.” On hearing this someone dashed into the house and got a woven cane tray. The person who lifted the bundle on the tray on noticing something moving inside cried out in joy. Being a highly literate and knowledgeable person that she was granny immediately called for her nursing kit. Granny operated the bundle like a professional nurse that she was. Out came blooming a baby goddess flooding the entire creation with the radiation of her warmth. Dressed in a thin membrane out-fit, world captivating smile on her face. Her hand lifted in the gesture of Var-Mudra the blessing posture. Blessed where those who witnessed.



This celestial female our Guru-ma was a darling of her father. Everything is super natural about our Guru-ma Madhobi-Maa be it her birth when she was in yog-nidra i.e. transcendental hibernation for good thirteen months and ten days in the womb. Be it her first step that she took on the eighth month. At that age unnoticed she would walk down to the water front of neighbouring Ichhamati river. Submerge herself upto the neck and meditate for hours. Astonishing was the sight of her meditation being surrounded and protected by all aquatic animals like crocodiles, crabs, prawns and other river fishes. Guru-ma had complete memory of her last four births. Right from this age she was lost in the thought of the supreme.



Seeing this one day her parents took her to the pious land of “Tarapith” on 29th Dec 1959 to meet the Mahayogi revered sage Shri Shri Baba Maharaj Shri Shankari Khyapa. But instead of bringing her mind back towards worldly affair he gave her ‘diksha’ i.e. initiated her and made her his disciple. Baba Maharaj only wish since then was to make Guru-ma accomplished in all the secret theological austerities and he fulfilled this. For this he bestowed on her the sakti sadhana worship, attainment of the ultimate feminine energy. The doctrine and the way of the kaul the lineage of the sakti worshipper.


As for the age old tradition the masterdom of religious lineage is passed on to the most capable male disciple . But Baba Maharaj made an exception to this rule and passed on the lineage to a female disciple. Guru-ma mastered the innumerable occult subjects at her Gurus feet. Guru Maharaj moulded Guru-ma into an outshining star in the horizon of spiritualism. Be it yoga, science, mudra, medicine, ayurveda, astrology, palmistry, occult, dance, music, poetry, literature, tantra, mantra he made her perfect in all subjects of life and beyond .


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