Sri Sri Dakshinakali (Bodo Maa)


Bodo Maa Sri Sri Dakshinkali


The idol was made by Guru Maa with her own hands after darshana. All devotees & followers call her Bodo Maa. The idol of Bodo Maa is very magnanimous and live. All wishes of the devotees are fulfilled immediately that’s why she is mother… only mother.


Emotions of Bodo Maa


Sad :

Whenever there is a big mishap in the universe Bodo Maa is in a sad mood & literally tears roll down her eyes.





When there is a joyous event happening in the world Bodo Maa becomes very cheerful & radiant. Her facial expression changes with the fate of the world.





Whenever the world gets into a mega working mood Bodo Maa looks super active.

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