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Guru Maa said, “Thought is next to none. It is human thought that has generated science and it is human thought that shall destroy it, if it is aimless” and established ‘Shiva Institute of Research’ in the year 1979. In any existence from macro level to micro level there is a truth around which it exists, the objective of the institute is to unveil this truth step by step in a systematic & logical manner.

The activities of the institute are broadly classified under three headings at present: Fundamental Science, Mathematics and Science & religion. All works are carried out on complete inspiration, guidance and basic text or model from Guru Maa.

Regarding Science & Religion Guru Maa says, “They are like the two base ends of a triangle both are seeking truth which is the common apex. At the base they are far apart but as one goes up they get closer and finally merge into the truth which is one”.

The research work done by Guru Maa herself is stunning and reveals how deeply science exists in parity to religion.

To educate and promote science amongst the masses Holy Mother has organised several science and space science exhibitions. The exhibition included photographs, charts, drawing, static & working models and was seem by streams of visitors coming from all age and walks of life.

Space Time Journal



Guru Maa established ‘Space Time’ journal in the year 1980. Besides being the mouth piece of activities surrounding the Holy Mother and research work done in Shiva Institute of Research, highly educative articles in multi-disciplinary languages are taken out.

The periodical is aimed at dissemination and propagation of valuable knowledge amongst the populace. It regularly includes writing by Guru Maa on various subjects, from religion to metaphysics to science & literature. Articles of general interest and news feature are also published in the periodical.


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