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Guru Maa is an inborn musician and being a spiritual leader bhajans need the first mention. Guru Maa has composed many bhajans which has been written by her complete with lyrics together with laya and tala. The compilation ‘Guru Kripa-he Kevalam’ comprises bhajans exclusively written on the guru. Then there is ‘Matri Bhajan’ that comprises bhajans on the goddess.




The most fascinating work of Guru Maa are her raga based Indian Classical compositions. Most enchanting contribution of Guru Maa in this field is her work on Radha’s viraha of Krishna. This is a series of songs upholding Radha’s state of mind in the six seasons of her viraha based on pure ragas pertaining to the seasons. The compositions are so heart touching that tears will automatically roll down. There are many compositions of her that carry deep meaning like ‘Sukhi mathian me budan giri…’ on des rag describing how, the drops of bhakti (devotion) ras wet the parched earth like body, emanating the beautiful aroma of wet earth i.e. fragrance of bhakti.





Guru Maa is a cosmic poetess, whose every poem has a deep philosophical essence and every time one reads them the meaning gets deeper and deeper. Many of her poems emerged from hard ways of life and also from joyous moments. But most importantly there are poems that bore cosmic imprint. Guru Maa has also written a fascinating string of poems for children depicting the six seasons that takes one down the memory lane to the ever cherish able child hood village scene . Such meticulous details, simplistic language yet poetic rhythm would even transport the city dwellers to their foreign dreamland of yesteryears.  Hundreds of poems have been written by Guru Maa in Bengali, Hindi & English.

Guru Maa is an inborn artist and her work varies from painting, embroidery, knitting, weaving, creating ikebana, interior décor to name a few. There are fine art and oil paintings of Guru Maa adoring the temple walls both at Delhi and Tanakpur ashram.

Guru Maa has created beautiful vegetable colour paintings some of which had interesting stories in a series of paintings. Her paintings invariably carry some deep inner meaning and message. Apart from Boutique painting Guru Maa also does glass stain painting, her mirror stained Yantras carry both artistic look as well as spiritual vibration.


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