Mission of Samadal




Seeing the rise in communal hatred, groupism, rivalry amongst the masses the Holy Mother established ‘Mission of Samadal’ on 11th May, 1977 and gave the clarion call, “Brother & Sisters of the world congregate thyself under the divine banner of Samadal” i.e. oneness. Since religion is the root cause of every civilization the unification is best achieved through a religious integration, which at the national level is national integration and at the global level, integration of the entire human race towards a higher & better existence.

Regular discourses are given to promote this. The preaching of the Holy Mother in this regard has been published in a book entitled ‘The Eternal Way’ showing that eternal path to the abode of Supreme One.

‘The bones of the skeleton are the rules of pure conduct, back bone is the uniformity of justice, rationality is the wisdom & the eternal truth lies at the heart.’

The book contains highly condensed, enlightening philosophical axioms opening one’s mind to vast ocean of unending knowledge.


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