Matrika Ashram – New Delhi


Matrika Ashram is the head quarter for all the activities, events & festivals conducted under the divine guidance of Sri Sri Guru Maa and is situated in New Delhi, the capital of India.

Matrika Ashram not only acts as the nerve centre for coordinating all the work done by “Manab Seva Mahal”, “Sri Adya Shakti Pith”, “Maha Yog Foundation”, publications, workshops etc.; but is also the primary place where people from all over India, as well as, other countries come to meet Sri Sri Guru Maa.

People from all walks of life, culture and nationality come at Matrika Ashram to seek Sri Sri Guru Maa’s blessing and darsahana, as well as, guidance & solutions to the various problems & challenges they have to face on this earth.

Throughout the year a host of festivals & events are celebrated at Matrika Ashram in the holy presence of Sri Sri Guru Maa while the ashram throngs with devotees & seekers in multitude.


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Matrika Ashram – Delhi

Matrika Ashram

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