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Guru Maa has always believed in selflessly serving the humanity irrespective of caste & creed, religion & faith and promoting the same among the populace. To do the same in a more organised manner on 27 February 1977 Holy Mother established ‘Manav Seva Mahal’ with the motto ‘Manab Seva Param Dharma’ i.e. to serve is supreme religion.

Under Manav Seva Mahal free ayurvedic treatment & medicine is provided to the masses. Many of the benefactors who had given all hope after trying out every possible source have found a cure under the blessing of Holy Mother.

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Besides regular relief & services, special camps are also arranged with eminent doctors providing consultancy and medicines distributed to the poor free of cost.

Needy School Children are provided with free books, stationary, school uniform as per their needs by holy mother so that they too could pursue their study under her holy blessings.

Ration, Cash dole, clothing etc are also given out to old people and widows having no one to look after.

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Till today marriages are organised of young destitute girls quite a few are from Nari Niketan. In all such marriages Guru Maa has supervised all the arrangements as a real mother would do including ‘Kanya Daan’ and also provide the couple all the necessities that they would need to start a fresh life with; right from a spoon to a mattress.




Looking Back:

The Delhi Floods

During the devastating flood of river Yamuna in 1978 hundreds of people were left stranded in flooded homes with nowhere to go, helplessly left to their fates. While the flood situation was becoming worse by the day and people from entire villages were being displaced to make shift camps. Guru Maa marched to the flooded areas providing the marooned with food, medicines & other necessities.


To inaccessible and unattended villages she waded through flood waters carrying supplies on her head and relentlessly worked on providing the villages with continuous relief which continued even after the flood water receded.

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