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Holy mother said “Culture is civilisation, to preserve culture is to preserve the future of civilisation”. Guru Maa has an intense liking for cultural activities like stage theatres, ballets, vocal & instrumental music, puppetry etc and ‘Katyani Institute of Art & Culture’ was established in 1981 to promote the same. The institute is named after goddess Katyani, the cosmic source of all art, culture & literature and to the institute Holy Mother is the source of unending work and contribution in these fields.

Guru Maa has promoted many theatre groups like Calcutta’s Tarun Roy’s Alik Babu; fascinating ballets from Sachin Shankar of Bombay, enchanting puppetry ‘Aladdin’ from Calcutta Puppet Theatre, mesmerising Sarod recital by Ranjit Makkuni, classical vocal recital and bhajans by Mrs. Madhumita Ray, pantomime by unbeatable Jogesh Dutta and so on. Besides promoting other artistes and groups Guru Maa has also choreographed and produced her own home production of ballets like ‘Chitrangada’ that people still remember.



Besides stage events cultural programs are quite a part of all major festivities in the ashram like Durga Puja, Guru Puja Utsav, Guru Maa Birthday etc. Guru Maa has promoted Indian Classical music and Bhajans not only in major metros and cities of India but also overseas in European countries.


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