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Guru Maa is a yogi, a sanyasi, a shakta sadhika and above all a universal mother, to whom the humanity of the world is like her own children. Never discriminating people on the basis of their caste, creed, religion or wealth, she has always welcomed each and every human with open arms. She is a true universal mother and even nationality never came in the way of her motherly love; or for that matter whether one is spiritualist, a literate, a devotee or just a common man, has ever made any difference to her motherly love for them, and this makes her the best mother ever.

Guru Maa’s day starts with a divine descent in her earthly body after night long astral mission. After finishing her morning dhyana & japa she takes the form of Annapurna and heads for the kitchen. Being a loving mother that she is, she takes personal interest in cooking for the family and her disciples or devotees who happen to visit her. Then going round the ashram she takes care of every nitty gritty.

As the day dawns Guru Maa moves to the outer hall where various people come to seek her blessings for their various problems, be it medical treatment, family dispute, job problem or mental peace. People from different financial, cultural & religious background tell her their numerous problems. Guru Maa listens to each and everyone with caring and motherly compassion and they too share their problem as one would do with one’s very own.


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Guru Maa always believed in selflessly serving the humanity irrespective of caste, creed & religious faith. For carrying out the same in 1977 Guru Maa established Manab Seva Mahalwith the motto ‘Manav seva param dharma’ i.e. to serve is supreme religion.

Under ‘Manav Seva Mahal’ free ayurvedic treatment is provided & distribution of medicine to the masses is done. Needy school children are provided with free books, stationary, school uniforms as per their needs. Ration, cash dole, clothing etc are also given out to old people & widows having no one to look after. Besides regular relief & services, special camps are also arranged with eminent doctors providing consultancy and medicines distributed to the poor free of cost.


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Guru Maa has organised marriages of young destitute girls quite a few of whom are from Nari Niketan. In all such marriages Guru Maa has supervised all the arrangements as a real mother would do; even performing Kanya Daan in some cases and also providing the couple all the necessities they would need to start a fresh life. This continues even till today.



Seeing the rise of communal hatred, rivalry among the masses Guru Maa established Mission of Samadal in the year 1977 and gave the clarion call, “Brothers and sisters of the world congregate thyself under the divine banner of Samadal” i.e. oneness. Regular discourses are given to promote this. The preaching of Guru Maa in this regard has been published in a book entitled, ‘The Eternal Way’.

Guru Maa says “Thought is next to none. It is human thought that has generated science and it is human thought that shall destroy it, if it is aimless” and established Shiva Institute of Research in the year 1979.The activities of the institute are broadly classified under three headings Fundamental Science, Mathematics and Science & Religion. All work carried out on complete inspiration, guidance and basic text or model from Guru Maa. The research work done by Guru Maa herself is stunning and reveals how deeply science exists in parity to religion.


Guru Maa believes that culture is civilization and to preserve culture is to preserve the future of civilization and thus established Katyani Institute of Art & Culture in the year 1981. To promote culture and to encourage the performing troops, every year cultural shows are held. The cultural programme under the guidance of Holy mother covers a vast area like theater, ballet, instrumental music, vocal, dance, puppetry, mime etc.

Guru Maa is an endless ocean of knowledge and has written books on various subjects from religion to metaphysics, from science to literature; books for the spiritual aspirant, on Naturopathy, Acupressure and even the forgotten subject of Mudra.



Guru Maa is an inborn musician and has composed many Raga based Indian Classical compositions & Bhajans which have been written by her, complete with lyrics together with layaand tala.

Guru Maa is a cosmic poetess, whose every poem has a deep philosophical essence and every time one reads them the meaning gets deeper and deeper. Hundreds of poems have been written by Guru Maa in Bengali, Hindi & English.

Guru Maa is an inborn artist and her work varies from painting, embroidery, knitting, weaving, creating ikebana, interior décor to name a few. Her paintings invariably carry some deep inner meaning and message. There are several fine art and oil paintings of Guru Maa adoring the temple walls.


Maha Yog Foundation 

Guru Maa established  Sri Adya Shakti Pith where all arrangements are made for students who want to worship and train in the ‘shakta’ path. Guru Maa also established Sanskrit Vidyalaya where students can learn the intricacies of the Sanskrit language.


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Universal Peace Mission is the endeavor of Sri Guru Maa to establish peace in the world by means of Maha Yog Kriya Yog. Guru Maa has travelled in the whole world giving discourses for this mission. This includes inner silence and inner peace by Maha Yog Kriya Yog, Naturopathy, Mudra, Purna Pranayam, Accupressure, deep meditaition and Laya Yog. Till today it’s her effort that peace may preside in this world.


Sri Adya Shakti Pith is one of the creations from the unique miraculous errands of Pratha Smaraniya Sri Bhagavati incarnate. Guru Maa has given physical shape to the thousand year old dream/ planning of Rishi Krodhanand Ji. This Shakti Pith built on eleven hundred yantras is a pride of Shakta Parampara. There had been a vaccum for Shakta Pith since Satya Yuga till present Kali Yuga.  This divine place of Shaktas of the Solar dynasty is that of revered Sri Sri Kailashpati Baba of Gyanganj.




This Rishikul stream emanates from the crown head of the Gaur dynasty of Bengal Aghoreshwar Sri Baba Bama Deva of Tarapith i.e. the dynasty of

Revered Baba Kailashpati,

Revered Baba Bama Deva,

Revered Baba Tara Baba,

Revered Baba Shankar Khepa,

Revered Pratha Smaraniya Sri Guru Maa is the current beholder Sadhika of this Dynasty.

Baba Kailashpati completes this divine task through a supernatural sadhika.


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