Sri Sri Guru Maa - Madhobi Maa

Sri Sri Guru Maa – Madhobi Maa

Sri Sri Guru Maa

Svayam Siddha Shakti Upasika,

Kriya Yogi & Surya Vigyani.

Master of Yoga, Tantra, Mantra,

Science & Medicine, Ayurveda,

Vedic Astrology & Palmistry and Vastu.


An Introduction to Sri Sri Guru Maa…

An outstanding star on the horizon of spiritualism.

Let me reveal some of Guru-Maa’s achievements. Guru-Maa has been born with an unending storehouse of knowledge. Often one has wondered is there some subject that is not in the knowledge of Guru-Maa . Whatever be the subject of discussion that one happen to start in front of her she seems to be well versed with that and can carry on discussing for hours. It is impossible to fathom and understand Guru-maa fully but on the other hand she is so easily approachable, simple and ever joyous . Sorrow has no place in her company and one just looses track of time . The over flowing compassion and motherly affection make her ever smiling face even more spellbinding. Perhaps one is at loss of word to describe her truly and its only an attempt. One definitely can say that in her company it is very easy to find one self often astonished and mesmerised. Every moment is new and no one knows what surprise springs the next moment. It well could be bringing back the clinically dead ones to life . If one in front of her patiently with a steady mind thinks about his problem then there would be no need to communicate verbally to her. Guru-maa can easily read mind and there will be no need to narrate. Guru-maa understands the language of the mind.



Guru-Maa is a ‘Jataka’, those blessed with the memory of there past life. Guru-Maa is a Yogi; not only she was born with the memory of her past life, but also of other previous births. That is why perhaps Guru-Maa can so easily talk about bygone eras. Guru-Maa was once asked why others couldn’t remember their past lives. She replied that one needs some practice. The Sat-tva, (i.e. the consciousness within), one that neither takes birth nor dies, it needs to be awakened through Pranayama. Once awakened, Sat-tva needs to be nurtured and activated to ferry one across life and death to free the soul from shackles of re-birth. An able yogi moment before death, takes out the caitanya (the awakened consciousness) form the decaying body. So that if one chooses to take birth through a mothers fetus (i.e. a normal birth) one is born with the full consciousness of previous life. However if a yogi wishes to free self from the shackles of birth the yogi can also enter an abandoned fit body: this is called ‘Kaya-kalpa’. And in this way yogis continue life and cross over the horizon of knowledge. Sometimes, if the need demands.



Guru-Maa also enters an ailing persons body (after taking that persons consciousness out) for a while to set the persons body for recovery. This may be very easy for Guru-Maa, but, for us, it indeed will be difficult, although not impossible, if we have the Kripa of Sat Guru (blessing of a living Guru). We can also awaken this dormant consciousness within. The blissful touch of Guru-Maa allows the magic of nectar to flow. Those whom she blesses with the Sakti of her own caitanya can experience the flow of energy from her within their subtle body. And the special touch of Guru-Maa awakens the energy within one’s self, awakening the consciousness immediately.



Guru-Maa often takes out her caitanya from the physical body to enter her Suksam-sarir (Astral body) and travels across the earth, cosmos & beyond. Through Astral travel Guru-Maa often searches her disciples and near-ones and narrates to us their whereabouts, wellbeing and activity that they had been doing. Sometimes while meditating in presence of Guru-Maa we also get induced into deep meditation and get a chance to taste astral experience.



Guru-Maa is Svayam Siddha (one who through her/his own capabilities has accomplished the virtues of the spiritual power & attainment). Moreover Guru-Maa has immense blessing & benevolence of her Guru & Acharyas on her. This is why perhaps Guru-Maa is so simple, down to earth & easily approachable like a mother that she is. And Guru-Maa presence is like a shower of bliss & bliss only.



Guru-Maa says good health is of utmost importance for spiritual attainment Guru-Maa has a vast knowledge & practice of the vedic scripture of medicine ‘Ayurveda’, on Naturopathy, Mudra & Yoga. Guru-Maa also imparts teaching on these subjects. Keeping good health itself is the most important pursuit of life. No spiritual endeavor is possible with unhealthy body. Unfit body generates a distracted mind. And a distracted mind can never consistently concentrate, Hence it can never go beyond the physical body.

Guru-Maa also says that we need to know about astrology & palmistry. If one has the knowledge about planetary, star and constellation positions & transitions then one can judge what is favorable to them and what is not. And then accordingly one can plan their course of action for every important moment of life.



Guru-Maa is Vakya-Siddha; whatever she foretells comes true!



Guru-Maa is also an expert of Vedic Astrology; Guru-Maa also says that we need to know about astrology & palmistry. If one has the knowledge about planetary, star and constellation positions & transitions then one can judge what is favorable to them and what is not. And then accordingly one can plan one’s course of action for every important moment of life. Till today whatever she has uttered about anybody has come true in the same manner at the exact time.



She is a master of Ayurvedic way of medicine and has helped a multitude of people by means of Ayurvedic medicine.


Guru-Maa is a Complete Master in various other subjects. From yoga to science, from art & music to poetry and literature.



Sri Adya Shakti Pith


Guru-Maa has built a heavenly place at the foothill of Tanakpur in India for devotees who seek yogic and astral experience. Guru-Maa has fulfilled the wishes of her guru parampara (lineage) by building this beautiful, vibrant & divine spiritual place

‘Sri Adya Shakti Pith’.

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