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“Transcedence from Physical Being to Astral”

 “In this universe of gigantic and complex existence there is a plenty to learn. A lot can be learned and a lot can not be learned. Many do not want to learn, for they feel it is not necessary to learn. Many in the quest of learning have spent several lives and this non stop quest for learning does finally help them acquire the knowledge.”

“Whatever little of the physical universe is seen through the physical eyes, the same is perceived by the self. In today’s world the scientists through the aide of astronomical telescopes and tools are trying to visualize the creation to the extent possible. This is expanding their horizon of knowledge about the cosmos. But even this knowledge is very limited. Will they ever be able to learn the mysteries of this endless universe? Our sages and saints for decades were known to have visualized the depths of the universe by the shear virtue of their inner eye. They were known to have traveled within minutes the far depths of the universe and have narrated the details of the cosmic architecture, like the position of the stellar bodies, the distances between them, their shape, their movement, etc. The yogis of India since time immemorial have been doing cosmic travel in their astral body and had been keeping a watch on the cosmic phenomenon.”

“Now I will tell you how to acquire this priceless knowledge. Whatever is there in the universe, is there within the human body. Before attempting to do astral travel in the outer universe human will first have to travel in the universe within. One has to learn how to enter this universe within. The very fact that humans take birth that death becomes inevitable. Moment a human wishes for something in his/her mind, at that very moment the desire to do Karma takes birth, irrespective of the time frame by which it translates into Karma or action. Similarly when this desire for doing Karma for Sadhana comes, then that very human prepares his mind for Sadhana and Bhajan. Then this pursuit of Karma links him/her with their ‘prarabdha’. Prarabdha takes birth from Karma (prarabdha is a spiritual balance sheet of the soul that records the good deeds and the bad deeds across births consequence to which punishment and rewards are attached to ones life). Now the same very human wishes to steal or murder then his desire drives him to do that Karma. As a result of this he acquires a sin-attached prarabdha. There is no respite from prarabdha. The nature of Karma defines the attached prarabdha and the consequence thereof. Hence joy and suffering are directly derived from the nature of Karma.”

“Many a times people have been found saying, ‘I have not done anything bad in my life then how come I am suffering so much?’. Inspite of having done good Karma throughout ones life they still have to suffer. On the other hand inspite of having not done any good Karma some live a very joyous life and they say, ‘I have hardly done anything good in this life, how come I am living such a joyous life?’ Moment this question on justice comes to mind then one must realize this prarabdha of the soul is not of this embodied life, these are the results of prarabdha acquired from Karma of previous embodiment of the soul (i.e. previous births). And at that very moment the mind will dwell on how to free oneself from the shackles of wish, desire of Karma and prarabdha. This thought must come to our mind for humans have the power of justice unlike animals who only strive to live and nothing else. ”

“When this thought plagues the human mind, what will they do?”
“First he will search for a Sud Guru. For Sud Guru only can dictate the path of freedom from this cycle of wish, desire, Karma and prarabdha. Sud Guru empowered with holistic vision can see the entire record of Karma and prarabdha of the soul. And then Sud Guru will advice the right penance and spiritual pursuit. The disciple then by following this dictated path, start’s getting respite from his Karma resulted prarabdha.”
“Its much like a patient visiting a doctor gets various tests and analysis done of the human bio-system (like microscopic analysis of blood cells and other evasive & non-evasive tests to get to the cause of the illness i.e. identifying the virus & bacterial invasion). And prescribe the right medicine to get freedom from the illness. This is how an illness is tackled in the doctor’s world.”

“The illness caused by desire, Karma and prarabdha is cured by Sud Guru through the right spiritual prescription. The relationship between Sud Guru and a disciple is that of the soul.

Sud Guru never desires any physical benefits of this material world from the disciple. All that a Sud Guru desires of his disciple is his/her freedom from this cycle of Karma & prarabdha and purification of the soul.”
“Now I will narrate how to purify one self through kriya yoga (raj yoga). It is must for kriya yogis to have complete knowledge of hut yoga. For moment Kriya Yoga is practiced, kriya will start within the body. And then through hut yoga the ailment within the body that are caused by the cleansing process of kriya are set right.”
“It is must to keep a complete control on breathing. With practice, a day will come when one will be able to see ones own breathing, coming in and going out in the Preksha Griha (the place between the eyes). This is the time when one has achieved the union of mind, brain and power of justice. And from this very moment the spiritual aspirant through the process of kriya enters ones own mind. You (i.e. the conscious self) exist within you. Make this you enter the universe of mind. This universe of mind is a replica of the outer universe. When you start practicing this kriya then the physical body will start becoming weightless. You will start feeling as if it is lighter than a bird’s feather. When the body and the mind reaches this state the ‘you’ will float and fly slowly in the universe of mind. Then you will be able to perceive and visualize everything of the universe. You will realize the body itself is the endless universe. ”

“Then you must try to understand the ‘self’ universe. And in this process you will go deeper and deeper into your inner-self, making your self more & more tranquil. And your inner consciousness (soul) will travel from your physical body to the unbound universe. Moment the consciousness separates from the physical body, the body will enter into samadhi (i.e. trance). And then the astral body will have varied experience in pitch dark space of cosmos. There the inner consciousness focuses its inner vision. Before entering this pitch dark space it experiences different kind of colors and light pools. To elaborate, in the darkness of night if we look at the sky without batting our eye lids, then after sometime we can see the planets, stars and other cosmic bodies. If we have the patience, a time will come when we will see nothing but darkness, tranquil dark sky.”
“If we shut our eyes, then in the chidakash (i.e. the sky of our inner consciousness) we will see light of some color or the other. And if we keep following this light a stage will come when all the light & sound will disappear. It will be a state of soundlessness and lightlessness. Then you must realize that neither the light nor the sounds have disappeared, only you have moved forward leaving them behind. That you are moving towards the ultimate zero. The inner consciousness that I have talked about earlier, that inner consciousness takes the self and floats in the universe. This journey is called the Astral Travel.”

“At this moment it is important to be able to stay in this state of astral embodiment for as long as possible and gain experience. The body that we have left behind also has a limit till which it can stay in kumbhak for Samadhi (trance). In the beginning the body does kumbhak for very short period. It is important to increase time of kumbhak to reach a period of at least one-hour. For this one-hour while the body is in samadhi, the self embodied in the astral begins astral travel. The spiritual aspirator must get back to the body within one hour or else the body will die. Hence the sadhak does astral travel as per the state of his kumbhak.”

“If kriya starts from Laya Yoga then the process through the chanting of sound like ‘Om’ kara. The Pran and Apan unitedly will go upward and reach the stage of astral consciousness. And then it travels out of the body into the universe experiencing. This state is reached all of a sudden and has no period limitation. It may be just for a moment or it may be for a long period.”

“Like this there are many ways of achieving it, the process of which is explained by Sud Guru. Only with the blessing of Sud Guru; what he wants, the way he wants, he will get it done. As per the kriya yoga path the first step would be to take shaktipath diksha (i.e. initiation with cosmic energy transfer). And then to follow the teaching in this process to reach the goal. The easiest and the best way is to follow blindly the dictum of Sud Guru.”

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