While teaching ASANA I have nothing much to teach for Yogis. But, yes, for the common man there are some useful tips which are a daily necessity. Those who engage in the early morning ritual of exercise, can possibly practice certain asanas (holy postures) to help them.



Those who suffer from excess Vayu (the element of air in the body that becomes the cause of bloated feeling or belching, joint pain which lead to arthritis), on waking up in the morning, should sit on the bed in Vajrasana. On practicing this asana, the vayu in the body is driven out of the body. If along with Vajrasana, the Vayumudra is practiced for about twenty minutes, then togather this will relive knee joint pain. Those who suffer from arthritis, they must try this asana on the floor. This may be difficult for people suffering from arthritis they may start practicing the asana on a thin mattress. By daily practice of Vajrasana, right from childhood, the body becomes like Vajra (a weapon used by the king of Gods ‘Indra’, and one that is supposed to have been made from the hardest material). In this case Vajrasana needs to be practiced either after lunch or after dinner. In this practice the first step is to drink water twenty minutes before the meal. After finishing the meal sit in Vajrasana for twenty minutes. Get up and drink two to four glasses of water. This routine if maintained regularly will make the body like Vajra.



This asana derives its name from Padma, the Lotus and is called Padmasana, the Lotus Posture. This asana is primarily used for spiritual pursuit. Yogis practice their yoga in Padmaasana. If full Padmasana is practiced for long duration’s, keeping the spine straight, then definitely the Kundalini sakti (the latent serpent power within every being) will be aroused.

With the practice of Padmasana anger is controlled and peace of mind is achieved. The lord of Gods Mahadeva (i.e. Lord Siva) and the father of this creation Lord Brahma sit in this asana. Those who do not indulge in any worship or rituals, given the practice Padmasana, then; automatically, their inner worship begins (i.e. worship by the consciousness within the body) and yogic kriya will start (i.e. the reaction and correction within the body as a result of flow of astral energy).

Those who find it difficult to sit in Purna Padmasana (the complete lotus posture), can try sitting in Ardha Padmasana (the half lotus posture), this posture has plenty of good qualities too.



By practice of this asana Yogi Machandernath (an incarnation of Lord Vishnu) had attained the status of Maha Yogi. This asana protects the body from various diseases including the disease of sexual desire. For those who practice spiritual aspirations this asana proves very useful to keep sexual desire at bay. Besides this Machanderasana also helps in the flow of yogic sakti.



This asana derives its name from Dhenu the bow. Those who have pain in their spinal chord or are suffering from spondalities, can practice this asana to get relief and comfort. Ardha Dhenuasana, the half posture also works.



This asana derives its name from Bhujang, the reptile. These asana works wonders for those suffering from lower back pain or cervical disorder



This asana derive its name from Sarvanga, the whole body. Those who lack sleep and suffer from intense headache for them Sarvangasana provides relief. Besides the above there are innumerable asanas for the yogis. If common people practice some of the asanas mentioned above then they could keep good health.

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