The sub continent of India has always been brimming with Brahma Gyana the cosmic knowledge. The historical fact has been that whenever a divine soul has descended on this Earth there had been major humanitarian reasons behind it, which had become obvious over the passage of time. A similae epoch making event had taken its root five thousand years back on this pious land of India.

Sage Brahma-rishi’s disciple Swami Krodhanandji’s arrival 5000 years back was the sprout of this event. For the continuing upliftment and salvation of the humanity Swami Krodhanandji peaked into the future and took the vow to build in this creation such a divine temple of Shri Adya Mahakamesvari that just by the goddesses darsana (i.e. a divine glimpse inviting her blessing) the individual will be freed from the shackles of penance and that his current life wil move towards divinity.

He obviously realised that in the coming Ghor Kali Yuga (the last phase of the time cycle of creation) no divine soul will take birth on this Earth to deliver the mankind and guide the aspiring souls towards higher consciousness.

She is unusual among Indian women, for she combines several roles, of a wife, mother, a sakta priestess, a detached sanyasini and of a Guru, a female preceptor. The role of the Guru in the sakta marga is somewhat unique, for a Guru incarnates the ‘total’ personality of the divinity. The Guru is perhaps one of the most influential person in one’s spiritual search. The Guru may or may not have a religious position in temples or conduct ceremonies. Instead their role is to council the disciple, awaken the dormant spiritual energy and to bestow understanding about the path of salvation. The bond between the disciple and the guru has an umbilical strength. When a devotee finds a guru unconditional commitment should follow. It is only in sakta marga that women have access to the status of guruship. The fire of my curiosity was fueled by the fact that I was going to have a darsana(a privileged holy meeting) of a female preceptor. She is perhaps the only women who was given authority by her five male gurus to take the chair of guruship. This status was granted to rare souls who had the experience of the enlightened state of awareness and an insight into the deepest truths of sadhana.

The image of the great mother of the cosmos who incarnates as Kali, Durga, Tripursundari has been deeply embedded in my consciousness. My journey had been long and pain staking. I have often wondered whether in this land of sages and devotees, learned and the wise, had found a human vessel of the great archetype of the universal mother. My quest to find a human parallel to the divine image had been intensified by the great claims of the sakta marga that, ‘the great Mother incarnates in every woman’. Certainly, universal experience of the mother-essence manifests in each mother, but in most of us, this experience lies dormant for several life times. Is there a living woman whose motherhood reflects the virtues of the Great Mother ? As I pondered over this, I walked into a large temple hall where a ,saffron clad figure sat on the floor. I bowed down at her feet. I was deeply struck by her presence, because she bore all the laksanas (holy traits) of a saint which I had read about in the scriptures. Her broad forehead spelled wisdom; her eyes sparked like the luminaries in heaven. The palms and soles of her delicate feet were soft as lotus petals, her face was adorned with a flowering smile. She had a magnetic presence. There was an uncanny look of recognition in her eyes. She welcomed and embraced me. There was a sudden quickening in my blood. I could sense a radiation engulfing me from all sides. I sat down, and we communicated in silence.”



The year was 1963, 17th March the Sunday; the place Maha Samsana (i.e. the great cremation ground) of Tara Pitha (temple of goddess Tara established by Sage Brahma-rishi) in Birbhum district of the state of west Bengal in India where Ananta (i.e. eternal) Guru Shri Shankar baba Maharaj was giving sermons to a select elite gathering including the closew disciples. Suddenly Baba Maharaj started telling them about establishing a Maha Sakti Pitha (i.e. the abode of the ultimate divine feminine power). But he also said that this will be located outsideBengal. Hearing this they were disappointed, in other words no one showed keeness towards this mission. On their reaction Baba Maharaj was lost starring into nothingness. One by one all of them left except for the true disciple of Ananta Guru, Shri Maa who was listening to everything sitting quitely next to him. She got off from her place looking at Shiv incarnate Baba Maharaj, then she placed her head at his feet and said, “Baba do we need lot of money to build this temple ?” Baba replied, “Yes, mother not only lot of money but also lot of devotion & commitment. One can not even lay a brick for this temple with egoistic intention.” Then Shri maa again quired, “Can’t my father do this job. He is also a king. If I tell him he will definitely agree. Tell me Baba can’t my father do this job ?” Hearing this Shiv incarnate Baba Maharaj started dancing in joy with both hands raised facing goddess Tara’s temple exclaimed, “Jayai Tara, Jayai Tara. Mother you will build your own temple. Jayai Tara, Jayai Tara.” Then placing his hand on Shri Maa’s head said, “Sakti only can build a place for Sakti. Mother you come to me at 12:00 mid-night after taking bath.”



At mid-night Shri Guru was lying on his back in the cremation ground in a state of semi trance. On arrival of Guru-Maa he ordered her to put her on his navel. And in this fashion Guru-Maa learned the secrets architectural plan of the temple, where what Yantra to be placed, etc. Baba Maharaj went on narrating, mentally communicating and Guru-Maa kept storing in her mind.



Then started the search for the right place. Relentlessly she started running day & night for years together but alas none matched the norms laid by Guru Maharaj and the vision of the place that she had in her mind.

At last she did succeed in locating the right place and her vision laid in front of Guru-Maa in full reality. Neither it should be only mountainous, nor it should be only plain. Neither it should be only forest nor it should be devoid of civilisation and it should be at the bank of a river. Not only this, the place by its virtue should be pulsating with spiritual vibration and carry its own historical value.




This unique place was located in the Uttarakhand region of India, in the lap of Purnagiri Pitha hill top temple. Across the Kumaon’s dense teak forest of Jim Corbett’s. At the bank of pious river Sharda (another name of Saraswati, the goddess of learning). In Tanakpur’s Brahmdev village where Lord Brahma (the creator) himself had done Sadhana and Yajna of Mahakamesvari. And at this place the king of goddom, Lord Indra had done worship of Maha Bhagavati, the great goddess.



For establishing Adya Sakti Pitha, Swami Krodhananda with his spiritual power had done prana pratishtha (I,e, establish life-force) of thousand & twelve Yantras (spiritual geometric plaques that are embibed with occult power). But the Sakti Pitha could only be founded in a particular Tithi (i.e. auspicious time defined by the position and movement of the astronomical bodies and constellations). Hence Swami Krodhananda passed on the Yantras to his disciple Sukhananda Swami. Sukhananda also kept on doing worship of the Yantras and this way they kept on passing down the Guru parampara (i.e. the dynasty) to Shiv incarnate Shri Shri Shankari Baba who passed it down to his most ardent disciple Revered Sage Mother Madhobi-Maa. To give shape to this vision of the Guru parampara and culminate it into a completeness became prime mission of Guru-Maa’s life now.



Waiting over the centuries this tithi had arrived after five thousand years, that had coincided with the citing of the star Sirius (recorded in the Chinese history). The same moment arrived with the blessings of the Guru Parampara on 9th November, 1997, the day was Akshaya Navami of Kartik (the holy indestructible ninth day of the Hindu calendars seventh month). Under the astral supervision of Shri shri Shankari Baba, Shri Krodhanand himself along with many sages and gods witnessed this nectarous cosmic moment. The specific star constellation and stars including Sirius & comet all appeared to be aligned to an axis that pointed to the tip of the Adya Mahakamesvari temple as if announcing the descent of the great goddess that only be accomplished by the lotus hands of Revered Sage Mother Madhobi-Maa.





This heaven on earth is not only important for astral & spiritual aspiration but also has its importance for todays stressed & suffering directionless humanity where by mere darsana of Shri Adya Mahakamesvari Ma humanbeings will be releived of sorrow, attain spiritual bliss & peace of mind.





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