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Guru Maa’s Guru & Acharyas :


Pujyopat Babaji who’s blessings led to Sri Guru Maa’s birth  ( upper row –  left )

Diksha Guru – Pujyopad Baba Maharaj – Sri Shankar Baba ( upper row – center )

Pujyopat Baba Ramanikanth Dev Sharma  ( upper row – right )

Pujyopat Yogacharya 1008 Narayan Tirth  ( lower row – left )

Pujyopat Aghor Acharya Pandit Ganesh Narayan  ( lower row – center )

Pujyopat Vaishnav Acharya Swami 108 Keshvanand  ( lower row – right )


Parampara Sri Gyanganj Sorya Parampara


Guru Maa has spent her life under the discipleship of above guru & acharyas. Vakya Siddha Swayam Siddha Sri Guru Maa is an out of this world Shakta Upasika. She is Gyanganj’s living woman Surya Upasika. She is a fond Sadhika of the great Sri Kailashpati Baba and Sri Mahavatar Baba from Gyanganj Sorya Parampara.

She is an extreme Kaulacharini. An ardent believer of Shakta and an unparallel master of Shakti Upasana under the Gyanganj Sorya parampara.

She is thoroughly knowledgable in three kulas having complete knowledge, practice and achievements in Adya, Tara and Shri Kula as per Gyanganj Sorya parampara.


 Adya-Maa  Tara-Maa  Sri_Shodashi_small
Sri Adya (Kali) Sri Tara (Nakshatra Vidya)

Sri Shodasi


To achieve this pinnacle her guru & acharyas trained her to receive ‘poorna shakta abhishek’ at the age of seven, and then ‘poorna abhishek’ at the age of nine & finally ‘Maha samraggi abhishek’ at the age of twelve. An unheard of achievement in human history that propells a mortal virgin to the state of ultimate parashakti.

This was possible because of her Guru’s vow to be able to worship ‘Amba Swaroopini Kanya’. So he accordingly planned, initiated her birth, perfected her mortal body for housing para shakti and detailed her life; taking her through intensive sadhanas to accompolish this virgin feminine power ‘Amba Swaroopini Kanya’ state by the age of twelve. And then he fulfilled his life’s wish by worshipping her on the auspicious ‘Durga Ashtami’ day following her ‘Maha Samraggi Abhishek’.


Not only Guru Maa fulfilled her guru’s wishes & vow but also she fulfilled her mortal parents ‘sankalpa’. For the last seven generations there was no female child born in Guru Maa’s parental dynasty. So her mother Kamalnayani Devi took this vow of performing kanya daan & hence free the dynasty from the age old curse. Infact innumerable rituals, benevolant offerings & divine donations were being offered by all the generations so that the dynasty would be graced with the divine act of  kanya daan. Continuing on this dynastic line Kamalnayani Devi aggresively persued these rituals and took the extreme vow of giving birth to a female child. Her efforts showed result but only at her old age of above 56 and she completed her vow by performing kanya daan of  13 year old (i.e. a kanya) Guru Maa to free the dynasty from the curse.



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