Books Written by Guru Maa

Guru Maa is an endless ocean of knowledge and has written books on various subjects from religion to metaphysics, to science to literature.

The first book of Guru Maa published is ‘The Eternal Way’ that showed humanity the path towards eternity. Rich in philosophical content, comprising prose, poems and sayings to teach & prepare the human mind towards subtle existence and reasons for living beyond.



The books written by Guru Maa range from ‘Kali Puja Padhyati’ covering the elaborate process of worshipping goddess Kali, masterpiece like ‘Bharat Dynasty’ that take us to a never before revealed roots of ours. The book is so much research oriented that it is like relearning history and to top this, the history has been so beautifully weaved and presented that it stands out as masterpiece of literature itself.

Guru Maa’s  spirituo-psychological writings like ‘creation to annihilation’  is a stunning revelation of true life enactment and characterization of human in their various roles.  Guru Maa ‘s book entitled ‘Yograhasya’ a priceless asset to all those who want to aspire spiritually.

Guru Maa has written a very useful book called ‘Naturopathy’ that teaches the art of healthy living, in nature, with nature, by nature. To live a healthy life free of chemicals and instead use natural remedies. Supplementing ‘Naturopathy’ is another book of Guru Maa called ‘Accupressure’ that teaches the non-evasive way of making the body glands, organs, systems enhance their performance and to provide remedial relief. Guru Maa has also written on the almost forgotten subject of Mudra.

Guru Maa’s other literary work include stories/novels, writing based on true life-story like ‘Sesh Rater Rajanigandha’, satire like ‘Lal Kambal’ and many more.

Apart from some of the books that are mentioned above, the periodical ‘Space Time Journal’ also regularly contains the writings of Guru Maa on various subjects. Besides this her works are regularly published in the souvenirs that are taken out on special occasions like ‘Durga Puja’ etc.


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