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 Anandamay (i.e. ever joyous) and ever smiling is our Guru-Maa, Sri Sri Madhobi-Maa. Her descent on this earth is for the benefit and upliftment of mankind. We have heard from Sri Ma Kamal Nayani, the mother of Sri Guru-Maa, how as a child she used to sit worried in front of her lunch. On commanding her to eat food, teardrops would start rolling down her eyes. Seeing this everyone would ask her “What’s wrong?” After long persuasion she would breakdown saying, “How can I eat mother! So many children are starving; their mothers are starving. I am thinking about them.” And mother Kamal Nayani would make her understand; “God never lets anyone go hungry. He is the father of this world. You pray to him that everyone may get his food.” Sometimes Sri Guru-Maa as a child agreed to this and sometimes she didn’t. And when she didn’t, she would persuade her father to pickup lot of food go with her and distribute it to the less fortunate ones wherever she found them. She would not leave them till they finished eating and looked contented. Only then would she eat that too the remnants of what she distributed.


This noble thought of Guru-Maa as a child took a new shape with age and now it is for the entire mankind. Today the entire globe is burning with the fire of jealousy and humanity has got divided in the name of religion. People are killing each other in the name of religion. There is a flood of violence engulfing the earth. It appears no one has any responsibility for the other. There is no love, no kindness, and no forgiveness. Everyone seems to be busy with ones own self only. I will eat, I will enjoy, my possession, my family. As if everything is for one’s own self and nobody else deserves any consideration. This is why the path of violence has peaked today. Humanitarianism has disappeared from the hearts of humanbeings. Their hearts have turned to stone. Even after inflicting pain on others, forcible & unjust acquiring, slandering there is no peace. The mind is disturbed, the heart is in turmoil, and there is no satisfaction in today’s human. As if no one has the responsibility towards protecting this beautiful earth, to protect this civilsation. With every passing moment the world seems to be inching towards its end. So appears to be the destiny of this exquisite Mother Nature and spiritual peace. The age-old faith in systems has diminished to the level of non-existence. At this moment many wise gurus and intellectuals of the society are thinking how to save this world but the fire of jealousy burning within the humans are not dying out. Even the pious and beautiful relationship between the father, mother, brother and sister in our country also seems to be disappearing today. Hence the only thought disturbing Guru-Maa is how to save this beautiful earth. How to protect nature. How to save god’s most dear humans from the clutches of violence.


While in deep contemplation Guru-Maa asked her guru Sri Sri Shankari Baba Maharaj, “What shall I do to salvage the humanity? Should I do Japa or should I do worship or should I recite Holy Scriptures. What should I do for the upliftment of the society?” On this great concern of Guru-Maa, Baba Maharaj said, “Mother, spread the knowledge of inner worship all around the globe. Humanitarianism is above all religion, cast & creed. For their inner peace, speak to them about the path of ‘Kriya Marga’. The humans of this kaliyuga are busy in all worldly affairs. No one has time; they are all hankering after materialistic pleasure. The pleasure that they are running after is neither permanent nor steady. Still people want worldly pleasures, and if they do not get it they become angry. But even if some do get all the worldly pleasure, they are still unhappy. Then what is it that they desire? The masses are awakening to the need of peace. They are seeking eternal peace. But they are unable to free themselves from the bondage and greed of this physical world. India is a spiritual country. Irrespective of the violence that is there in the air, there is still love kindness & forgiveness in the foundation of this civilisation.” With this in Guru-Maa’s mind she set out on her new mission and with the blessing of her guru, Baba Maharaj she started her mission of kriya yoga and astral aspiration for inner peace. Guru-Maa’s this mission of inner peace is through ‘Astral Experience’ a combination of the easy -way yoga for purification & upliftment of the physical body and spiritual aspiration through Laya & Kriya yoga for purification & upliftment of the astral body. A mission that is above cast, creed, religion & faith that is targeted towards upliftment of the physical and astral body of the humans. Naturopathy, asana, mudra, pranayama and through the medium of Indian classical music shows us the way to control the senses for easy inner spiritual aspiration.


During this period there were many overseas call for Guru-Maa to grant her holy presence. The idea of going abroad did not appeal to her earlier saying, “If you have not achieved anything in your own country why go to other countries?” Many years thus went by and the Tanakpur ashram started taking concrete shape; this brought some solace to Guru-Maa’s mind. Then the pressure from overseas for Guru-Maa to visit again increased, primarily from our guru bhai Raj Parakash in Switzerland. This time around Guru-Maa obliged. France, Italy, Germany,Austria, Switzerland had Guru-Maa’s holy presence and the Europeans were taught the new concept ‘Spiritual Teaching & Experience’ by Guru-Maa. The Europeans accepted ‘Spiritual Teaching & Experience’ of Guru-Maa easily and readily.

In all the meditation centres kriya yog sadhana is practiced periodically. In the Delhi ashram every Tuesday & Saturday in the evening she teaches us and makes us practice kriya-yog sadhna. Durgadi also sings Bhajans that are written and composed by Guru-Maa on these days in her melodious voice that soaks the soul with devotion. Guru-Maa has also made Indian classical compositions centring around Krishna. These are sung primarily by our guru-sister an exponent of Indian classical music, Mrs. Madhumita Ray in her sweet voice. Normally accompanying Guru-Maa in overseas Astral Experience program on Sitar is our guru-brother Ranjit Makkuni, a student of Ustad Ali Akbar Khan. Ranjit’s magic fingers create music as sweet as his nature.


After Europe Guru-Maa started off her new concept tour in India from the land of saints, the city of joy, Calcutta. Guru-Maa’s program there in Rotary Sadan and Vidya Mandir met with immense acceptance.




After Calcutta Guru-Maa’s next program was in the capital city of New Delhi. Guru-Maa had conducted several workshops in Delhi to overcome the seating capacity limitation that was expected to arise in the main program. This way Guru-Maa got closer to local groups and gave people of Delhi flavor of what to expect. All the workshops were well attended. Request for a few more workshops also come in which were later accommodated. People of Delhi finally experienced it in in “Ek Pavitrya Sandhya Guru-Maa Ke Saath” and “Adhyatmic Teaching & Experience with Guru-Maa” at ‘India International Center’ and ‘Habitat World’, India Habitat Center held on two consecutive days. Both the days the auditoriums were overcrowded with enchanted participants. This was followed by programs in Mumbai & Bangalore.




In Guru-Maa’s new concept tour the Indian classical music coupled with Guru-Maa’s aura soothes the senses of the participants/aspirants so that physical irritants don’t come in the way and the mind opens up to accept. Following this ‘Om’ kara is practiced. And then this way the mind enters into deep meditation. During deep meditation in silence Guru-Maa passes her aura along with six Astral Gurus through every individual. And then it’s a spiritually charged transforming experience that can only be experienced.


More than a decade of Guru Maa’s Mission


We are glad to inform you that more than a decade has passed of Guru-Maa’s mission of spreading inner peace across the globe. This is perhaps the only means of saving the willing souls from otherwise inevitable vortex of destruction towards which the civilisation is getting sucked in. Such immense had been the acceptance of Guru-Maa’s new-concept tour that innumerable request had been pouring in to conduct the program in their location as well as for repeat program. And over the years curving time out of Guru-Maa’s busy schedule new location had been added alongside existing locations where advanced teaching had been conducted. In Switzerland Guru-Maa started from a small suburban town of Embrach and now her programs are held in Zurich, Berne, Witherthur, Schaffhausen and also in Embrach. Besides the other European countries like Italy, Germany, Austria and France the new countries blessed by Guru-Maa’s footprint are United Kingdom and Croatia, who have embraced Guru-Maa’s teaching intensely. The program held in London and specially the one held in the Croatian capital Zagreb had been heart touching, as if they had been thirsty for this since time immemorial. Back home in India Guru-Maa’s mission started from her ashram head quartered in Delhi and now annually multiple programs are held in large auditoriums of big metropolis like Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai beside cities like Lucknow, Pantnagar University, etc. and off course in her Himalayan foothill abode the Tanakpur ashram. The need for local workshops also had been growing and within Delhi itself workshops have been held at C.R.Park, Rohini, Mahavir Enclave, etc. and the same spread is happening in other metropolis too.


Since Guru-Maa’s this mission involves each individual influencing the humanity at large; it has been through the process of registration leading to membership that entitles one to be involved, updated and most importantly be under the astral supervision of Guru-Maa and the astral Guru Mandali. The membership has been exponentially growing with more and more people adapting to Guru-Maa’s way of thinking and living. Naturopathy is slowly becoming a way of life. The result oriented practice of Asana, Mudra and meditation for a healthier life & soul towards rejuvenation and stress free living is becoming a necessity.


The need for local centers were felt at many places by the devotees and members to be able to pursue Guru-Maa’s teaching even in her absence and the opportunities could be better utilised during Guru-Maa’s physical presence to clarify, resolve & further their practice and persuasion. Today ‘Guru-Maa’s Meditation Centre’ has started functioning in Zagreb, Calcutta, Germany, London and Zurich with many others on the verge of being established.


Most worthy to note are peoples commitment under Guru-Maa to change the course of this civilisation by contributing to the society by way of seeding in it better humans with godly traits through whose culminated effort a better tomorrow can be built. These are the people who before conjugating and during their pregnancy had isolated themselves from this violent world and immersed themselves in thought of god and meditation and the child born are already exhibiting traits of a better citizens of tomorrow.

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