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Guru Maa’s day starts with a divine descent in her earthly body after night long astral mission. After finishing her morning dhyana & japa she takes the form of Annapurna and heads for the kitchen. Being a loving mother that she is, she takes personal interest in cooking for the family and her disciples or devotees who happen to visit her. Then going round the ashram she takes care of every nitty gritty.


02_a_Guru-Maa-Annapurna 02_b_Guru-Maa-Annapurna

As the day dawns Guru Maa moves to the outer hall where various people come to seek her blessings for their various problems, be it medical treatment, family dispute, job problem, mental peace.


Guru Maa is a kriya yogi, a sanyasi, a shakta sadhika and above all a universal mother, to whom the humanity of the world is like her own children. Being a true mother she has never discriminated people on the basis of their caste, creed, religion or wealth and always welcomed each and every human with open arms.


Guru Maa listens to each and everyone with caring and motherly compassion and they too share their problem as one would do with one’s very own. This schedule goes on for five days a week, Tuesday and Saturdays being reserved for devotional bhajans and spiritual practices, whereas Monday in particular is designated as General Public Day when people can come to her without any prior engagement.


03_a_Guru-Maa-meeting-peopl 03_b_Guru-Maa-meeting-peopl


Needy school children are provided with free books, stationary, school uniforms as per their needs. Ration, cash dole, clothing etc are also given out to old people & widows having no one to look after. Till today marriages are organised of young destitute girls quite a few are from Nari Niketan In all such marriages Guru Maa has supervised all the arrangements as a real mother would do; even performing Kanya Daan in some cases and also provided the couple all the necessities they would need to start a fresh life. Besides regular relief & services, special camps were also arranged with eminent doctors providing consultancy and medicines distributed to the poor free of cost.


04_a_helping-the-needy 04_b_helping-the-needy
04_c_Relief-and-medical-camp 04_d_marriages-conducted



In the Delhi ashram every Tuesday & Saturday evening, .Guru Maa along with her disciples and devotees take part in Kirtan, singing bhajans in accompaniment of various musical instruments. Durga di also sings Bhajans that are written and composed by Guru-Maa on these days in her melodious voice that soaks the soul with devotion. Guru Maa has composed many bhajans which has been written by her, complete with lyrics together with laya and tala.


05_a_Bhajan-Kirtan 05_b_Bhajan-Kirtan
05_c_Bhajan-Kirtan 05_d_Bhajan-Kirtan



Guru-Maa has taken up the mission of establishing inner peace through ‘Astral Experience'; a combination of the easy -way yoga for purification & upliftment of the physical body and spiritual aspiration through Laya & Kriya yoga for purification & upliftment of the astral body.

For her it is a mission that is above cast, creed, religion & faith that is targeted towards upliftment of the physical and astral body of the humans. In the Delhi ashram too she teaches her disciples and devotees the practice of kriya-yog sadhna.


06_a_Yog-sadhna-workshop 06_b_Yog-sadhna-workshop
06_c_Yog-sadhna-workshop 06_d_Yog-sadhna-workshop


Universal Peace Mission is the endeavor of Sri Guru Maa to establish peace in the world by means of Maha Yog Kriya Yog. Guru Maa has travelled in the whole world giving discourses for this mission. This includes inner silence and inner peace by Maha Yog Kriya Yog, Naturopathy, Mudra, Purna Pranayam, Acupressure, deep meditation and Laya Yog. Guru Maa continues to teach this at Sri Adya Shakti Pith. Till today it’s her effort that peace may preside in this world.


07_a_Universal-Peace-Missio 07_b_Universal-Peace-Missio


Guru Maa is an endless ocean of knowledge and has written books on various subjects from religion to metaphysics, to science to literature. Even today Guru Maa takes out time out of her busy schedule to write books rich in philosophical content, comprising prose, poems and sayings to teach & prepare the human mind towards subtle existence and reasons for living beyond.


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