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Universal Peace Mission is the endeavour of Sri Guru Maa to establish peace in the world by means of Maha Yog Kriya Yog. Guru Maa has travelled in the whole world giving discourses for this mission. This includes inner silence and inner peace by Maha Yog Kriya Yog, Naturopathy, Mudra, Purna Pranayam, Accupressure, deep meditaition and Laya Yog. Till today it’s her effort that peace may preside in this world.

In this endeavour numerous workshops have been conducted by Sri Guru Maa.  In such workshops Guru-Maa uses a combination of Hath-Yoga and Laya-Yoga + Kriya-Yoga.




Subject covered in the first part under Hath-Yoga would be Asana, Mudra & Naturopathy (i.e. from Atharba Veda). And in the second part under Laya-Yoga Guru-Maa uses Indian Classical music i.e. Sitar Recital and ‘Om’ kara. This is embedded in Kriya-Yoga which Guru-Maa uses right from initiation of spiritual aspiration, through transcedence using Laya-yoga as the vehicle, to inner peace & self-realisation. And above all Guru-Maa passing her Supernatural Aura along with six Astral Gurus for the Astral Experience. In this program the prime focus is the second part.




In other programs Guru-Maa uses Hath-Yoga and Atharba-Veda. Subject covered in the first part under Hath-Yoga would be Asana, Mudra and under Atharba-veda would be Naturopathy. In the second part little bit of Laya-Yoga i.e. ‘Om’ kara only and Kriya-Yoga i.e. deep meditation. In such programs the prime focus is the first part.



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